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Colonization Through this research I will insure and describe the offsprings and characteristics of the conquest and colonization of America. Colonization was a really important period of time for the development of this continent, which resulted in the interlingual interlingual rendition of the foreign land into a territory ruled d ingeststairs the political, economic and social aspects by Spaniards. This was caused by the immense issue forth hold of for expansion of the European countries, which did not lifelong have giving territory to appropriate and incredible proneness for more wealth that were no longer easy to find. The sparing of the American colonies was ground on mining of gold and silver, in particular in northerly Mexico and Potosi (Bolivia), agriculture and livestock worked by Indian or slaves brought from Africa. The foxiness with America was a royal monopoly that was through with(p) through the Indian fleet, which sailed annually with military hold dearion. In 1543, it created a fleet of ships to protect the shipments of gold and precious stones that were move to Spain from America. The trade was conducted through whatever personal appointed by the crown, which gave rise to a exact mercantilist system throughout the empire. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The commercialized monopoly was originated and regulated from the ports designated for the Carrera de Las Indias, which were the ports of Seville and Cadiz; on the peninsula and Portobello and Veracruz and in America. Spanish became the official linguistic process; this played a unifying(a) role in the colonial society. Therefor e, after(prenominal) the conquest was disa! llow to indigenous and black people to deal in their own languages, so they had to learn Spanish. Something similar happened with the customs duty and dress. It was important to standardize the behaviors of the society. The King was above all the landed estate apparatus. After the tycoon the head of this system was the Council of the Indies which was an agency with a greater self-confidence legislative and administrative. Also divided the territories in Viceroyalties, General...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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